Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SICK!! (23 weeks)

I am now on day 7 of having a really bad cold.....luckily I have 5 days off in a row from work, so I am concentrating on getting healthy. The babies are moving like crazy! It seems that Kennedy is still head down and facing out and Dylan is laying right across my belly from my belly button out to my right side. Both positions are not good for giving birth naturally but there is still time to change. 

I had my mind set on the fact that I will have a natural birth, but everything is pointing towards a c-section so I have accepted that. At my last ultrasound, I was told that my placenta is still covering my hasn't moved like I was hoping for. So, I am dealing with the fact that I will most likely have a c-section. 

The most important thing is for the babies to be born into this world with as few obstacles as possible. If that means for us to have a c-section that that is what we will do in order for them to be healthy. 

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