Thursday, April 2, 2009

1st OBGYN appointment (week 22)

So, we had our first OBGYN appointment. Up until this time, we have been seeing our family doctor. We have had some concerns because we haven't had a second ultra sound as of yet.  Our OBGYN had the same concerns so he booked us an asap ultrasound for Friday. This ultrasound will check to see if my placenta has moved (it is low and  partially covering my cervix) and it will check to make sure that the twins are both growing at the same rate and that they do not have Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome. TTTS happens with identical twins who share one placenta. One baby ends up getting more food and nutrients and ends up growing larger than the second baby. It can be fixed with surgery, but it can happen at any time during the pregnancy so extra attention is needed to monitor it.

In all reality I should have been monitored more closely since my first ultrasound at 16 weeks when we found out the babies shared one placenta, but lack of communication and appointments being cancelled on me has caused 7 weeks to go by without it being monitored. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the babies are both happy and healthy.

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