Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ultrasound #4! (week 27)

Me and Dallas went all the way to Red Deer last Wednesday to get another ultrasound done. It was so nice to have Dallas there again...He hasn't seen the babies since we were 16 weeks. The ultrasound tech was so nice. She took the time to show us each baby and she explained everything that she was doing. The boys were actually calm this time. I didn't drink tea on Wednesday morning, and I think that had to do with the fact that they were so good. It only took her about 35 minutes to get all the measurements she needed. Usually, it takes over an hour with a lot of poking and prodding to get the babies in the right positions so she can get her pictures.

Also, for the first time Dylan is also head down! We finally got a picture with both of them together....even though it is only the tops of their heads! The only downside with Dylan being head down is that now he also likes to chill out in my ribs......I knew it would happen some time lol!

I am doing a lot of resting. I never thought it would be as hard as it is. There is just so many things I would love to do during the day, but I physically can't. Dallas is a huge help....he is taking over the dishes and the laundry and anything else that needs to be done. The pain I feel in my belly and back is getting worse and worse. The only thing that helps it is for me to lay down in bed or take a shower or bath. So, I do a lot of that.

The boys are doing great. The tech said they are still about the same size. She was happy with everything. Next step is my doctors appointment on Wednesday!