Thursday, April 2, 2009

The boys are kicking!! (week 18)

The past couple of weeks have been filled with Dallas and I coming to terms with our twin pregnancy. We are both so excited! Everything is now "times two!" It is truly our dream come true.

I have been sick still.....really sick. They say that morning sickness ends after the first trimester but we are now into the second trimester and it has gotten worse. Every day is a challenge but I keep thinking of my itty bitty boys and the pain I am going through is all worth it. 

I saw my family doctor on Wednesday March 4th. He asked if I have felt the boys move. I told him that I think I am, but I am not quite sure. I told him I feel "fluttering" in my belly. He said that is the boys moving around. I went home and told my oldest sister this and she said to eat something, lay down and pay attention to the babies. I did this and I felt the boys kicking me so much!

Feeling them kick has really opened my eyes. I knew I had two babies in there but feeling them kick really makes it a reality! It is the best feeling in the world! In another couple of weeks, Dallas will be able to feel them as well!

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