Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pregnant with twins!! (Weeks 1 to 16)

Dallas and I found out we were pregnant on Thursday November 27th 2008. I missed my "monthly friend" which should have came the Tuesday that week. I felt sick at the time....really sick. We figured we would try the test "just to see". 

Dallas was in the shower after work when I took the test. I wrapped it up in a paper towel  and we waited until he was finished. I handed him the test and told him that if there are two lines, it means we are pregnant. I can remember the look on his face.... He looked surprised and maybe a bit shocked. He looked at the test and look at me and said we are having a baby! I started to cry right away. The two lines were very very dark....which I though was a bit strange because I was only two days late. Little did we know that there were two babies instead of one! Two babies means double the amount of the pregnancy hormone, which also means dark lines on the pregnancy test.

We found out we were pregnant with identical twins on  Tuesday February 17th 2009. We had an ultra sound that day after a trip to emergency the day before because of some light spotting. I had been so extremely sick for the past 16 weeks. I was taking Diclectin for the morning sickness but nothing seems to take it fully away.  The ultrasound technician allowed Dallas to come into the room with me right from the beginning of the ultrasound. Usually, dads have to wait until after the measurements are taken to come in and see the baby but she allowed him in right from the start. 

I couldn't really see the screen that good and I was in a lot of pain from her pushing on my belly. Dallas had a great view of the screen. He thought he saw two heads but second guessed himself because he had never looked at an ultrasound before. I jokingly stated "Make sure there is just one baby in there!". She said "No.....there are two!" We couldn't believe our ears! We had always talked about having twins together when we were young. We would say "When we grow up and have twins...". Now, we have them!!! The first thing Dallas said after the initial shock was "So...does this mean we can get rid of the cat!" the first thing I said was "What am I going to do with TWO babies??"

We found out that they were identical baby boys.  We also found out they are Monochorionic/Diamniotic.  Monochorionic  means one placenta (food source) and Diamniotic means two different sacs. About 60 to 70% of identical twins are Monochorionic/Diamniotic. These types of twins happen when the egg splits 3 to 8 days after fertilization. 

So, we went home and called our familes to tell them the great news! 

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