Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010!

November was a crazy crazy month for us. I didn't take too many pictures and I blame that on the fact that I was soooo pregnant! It is now January and I am updating the blog for has been a crazy ride! The boys were very patient with me....but they also learned some new things about "super pregnant mommy". One of them was that I can not walk as fast as they can. They quickly learned that all they had to do was run away from me and they would get a few more minutes before bum change, bed time, you name it!  They also learned how to climb on things. They can now climb on chairs, the couch, the table, the toy box....pretty much anything they can reach!

Near the middle of  November, Dallas' mom came out to help. I started having pretty bad and consistent contractions  at the beginning of November. Lucky me, they were all "for practice" and we didn't actually have Emma until November 30th. I spent most of November in bed resting while my uterus kicked my butt! If I didn't have Carole's help, I seriously don't know what I would have done.

Here are a few random pics from November 2010!

Here is Dallas trying to fix our camera...this is about 2 weeks before Emma was born. We had to buy a new one!

K and D being as cute as can be!

Some of the climbing I was talking about...

Dylan giving lovings to my pregnant belly!