Thursday, April 2, 2009

The boys have names! (week 21)

After name lists and many discussions, we have picked names for our boys! Twin A's name is Kennedy Alexander and Twin B's name is Dylan Bruno.  We picked Kennedy and Alexander after the boys grandfathers and we picked Bruno after the boys great-grandfather. We are both very happy with the names. It feels really good to actually call the boys by name now instead of Twin A and Twin B.

Also, this week we had to make another run to emergency. I have been having really had pain right below my ribs. It felt like someone punched me and left me breathless. It started Monday March 23rd and continued over to the next day. So, Dallas and I rushed to emerg to see what was going on.

It turns out the pain was from acid reflux....I never ever knew acid reflux could cause so much pain! It was awful. The doctor gave me some medication to take for it. It took about 24 hours for it to kick in. The pain is pretty much gone for now...heartburn is still severe though! Oh...the joys of pregnancy!

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