Monday, April 13, 2009

Babies in ribs and itchy belly! (week 24)

There has been a few things going on this week....The first thing is that Kennedy has found my ribs! I am assuming it is his little feet that are pressing on them, but really who knows! It hurts so bad! It actually started April 10th in the evening. We had a pretty bad day with pain....I had a lot of pain from acid reflux that day...I still can not believe that acid reflux can feel like someone has punched you in your stomach and left you breathless....but it does.  After dealing with that all day, the rib pain followed. It is only in my left side which is why I know it is Kennedy. Dallas and I went for a midnight walk to try to get him to move positions, but it didn`t help...The walk was nice though! The next day, the pain was almost gone and he has only been hanging out in my ribs for a bit each day now. 

This week also brings with it the first time that my belly has been itchy....really itchy! It feels like my skin is stretching and it burns....well....I guess my skin is actually stretching but you know what I mean!

I worked nights over the weekend, and on Sunday when I woke up in the afternoon from sleeping, I found that the Easter Bunny came! I can not remember the last time I hunted for Easter eggs! Holidays are really hard because I miss my family so much....Being in Alberta with Dallas is great and I wouldn`t change anything... but I am such a family girl and at times like these, I really miss everyone. He made Easter really special for me. That is why I love him so much...he gets me...the real me...He is my perfect soul mate! He is going to be the most amazing daddy in the world!

I have another doctors appointment on Wednesday to go over the ultrasound results and to make sure the little monkeys are doing ok...I will let you know how it goes!


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