Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daddy's two cents

 Cat puts so much effort in dating this life changing experience, I thought I should leave my print in the sand.

It's now been 24 weeks with about sixty weeks to go. If  I had my way anyways. Not to say I can't wait to see my boys, but your way of thinking changes. In work, I take the time to get the 8 foot ladder instead of using the 6. I view a products worth a little differently. Not to mention throwing a chewing habits out the window in fear of a baby picking up the wrong bottle. All this in 24 weeks and now I'm supposed to instill these values to my children. Its a little quick and scary in this BOYS point of view.

So far so good. I've heard all these horror stories of what happens to your wife when the buns are in the oven. I could count the days she has taken her pain out on me with my thumbs. Here's the secret boys. 1) subscribe to www.whattoexpect.com, you get a weekly email that lets you know what she's going through. 2) Have a commercial supply of crackers and tums for that heartburn. 3) Learn to listen and not give your opinion... she doesn't even know why she feels that way. With these three easy steps and a women who truly loves you it will be an easy 36 weeks.

What else from the dads point of view... hmm? I guess I'll just finish with sayin how good life is. We're living our dream of 10 years past, we have love to spare and now two healthy boys to give it to. The only thing I would change is Ontarios economy.

Daddy D


  1. This blog is a keeper Dallas! You will definitely make a good daddy. I like the way we can keep up with you, Corinne and the boys. This is really a neat idea.
    Love your two cents worth.
    Love you

  2. I'm just printing the eleven pages that have been sent to date and can't find my comment. I likely forgot to press the "Post Comment" button again. I love this comment from daddy Dallas and thought I had said so earlier. Better late than never I guess. Hope you are still holding up at this point while Corinne is in Hospital.