Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colouring with the Babes :)

At this point in time, the boys still don't get the concept of colouring. They know colour comes out of the markers, but they prefer to eat them. This day, I needed something to keep them busy so I gave them Crayola Window Markers to colour on their trays with. It turned out to be sooooooo messy! But, they had fun and that's what matters!

Dylan looks like he is getting in trouble in this picture! As you can see, they both thoroughly enjoyed eating the window crayons!

Dylan's dirty! 

Kennedy's having fun!

Kennedy's masterpiece!

Dylan's final art piece! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Caught in the act!!

We have been having problems with the boys keeping their diapers on for months. Its gotten so bad that we actually have to TAPE their disposables shut at nighttime. The cloth diapers we use have snaps on them to shut them. We did have ones with velcro, but of course the boys figured out how to rip them off very easily. Here is a picture of Kennedy sitting on the ground with Dylan's diaper in his hand! Kennedy took off his brothers diaper for him!!! These 2 are quite the pair!

**Dylan will thank me for the heart covering his little bum!