Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on Kennedy and Dylan...

The boys seem to be feeling ok today. They still have diarrhea but no fevers so far today. We still have to watch for signs that the salmonella has gotten into their blood (fever higher than 102, them being lethargic, not eating, unresponsive behavior, bellies starting to bloat and/or inconsolable crying for more than an hour) but so far they seem to be healing. They are going about 3 hours in between diarrhea episodes. This is a big change from every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Last night was awful again. They were both screaming until 2am. They woke again at 4ish, went to the washroom  then went back to sleep. I think they may be overtired. All the doctor visits and hospital tests have royally messed up their schedules. They went a few days without having good naps. So, that is our mission today. To get them to have good long naps so hopefully they will sleep good at night (aside from waking up with bum issues).

 I have been racking my brain to try to figure out where they got the salmonella from. I know I will never know for sure but I feel like I have done something terribly wrong. I feel it is my fault that this has happened to them and in reality, it is. If it came from food or from meat being on the counter or from the lizards, the bottom line is that all of those reason are 100% preventable. They don't leave the house except for a shopping trip once a week, so it must have come from inside.  Moving forward (that is all we can do at this point) we will be more careful. 

We will update again tomorrow or sooner if something happens. In the meantime, here are a few "sick baby" pictures. 

Here is Dylan and Dallas sleeping on the couch. Dylan only falls asleep with his daddy right now.

Here are the boys snuggling in their Pack N Play....the first time since they were newborns.

They still manage to smile when they are sick...

Just hanging out....relaxing and trying to figure out why they are enclosed in the playpen in the living room.


  1. I just landed on your blog from the Multiples and More site. I didn't read any of the back story, but it looks like your little guys have had a time of it. I just wanted to say, don't beat yourself up, wondering exactly how they got sick. We all need a little reminder now and again about being careful / cautious / etc. / etc....but I know this kind of thing can happen to anyone.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!


  2. Thank you Mandy...that is very kind of you. I think I am done beating myself up lol! It seems that I am going through all these emotions while dealing with boys being sick. It is so hard.

    Thanks again!