Monday, March 29, 2010

On the mend...

Each and every day the boy get better and better! Yesterday, there was no blood at all in their stools! They are still going about every 3 hours or so but that is a lot better than every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We moved them back into their rooms 2 nights ago as well. The best part is that they are actually happy again! No more screaming when they push! They went "to sleep" last night at 730pm. Kennedy woke up at 9:30pm and was up for an hour or more.. Dylan woke up at 10:45pm and was up for a while too. They both woke up at 2:00am and didn't go back to sleep until 3:30am. There were crying pretty bad at this point so I moved them into our bed. Then, we all woke up at 8:40am.

They didn't have the best naps yesterday so that is probably part of the reason why they woke up so much...aside from the diarrhea of course.

On the agenda this week is a call from Alberta Health. Our doctor told us to expect a call regarding the salmonella. They will make us do another stool sample (from both boys this time) to make sure the salmonella is gone. They will also ask questions to try to determine where the salmonella came from. Good luck Alberta Health...if you can figure it out, please let me know! In all honesty, they need to make sure the salmonella is an isolated incident and not part of an outbreak. I get it. They are worried about the public and they don't want it to spread. I totally agree... 100% I am just bitter because it is not fun trying to get a sample. It was hard enough getting one from Kennedy, let alone Dylan as well. We have to put a bag with stickers over their "man parts" so they don't pee in the sample. Then we have to wrap their butts in saran wrap and throw a diaper over it. After they go, we have to "un-stick" the saran wrap and try to scrap off a sample. The problem is that it is LIQUID. Not to get too graphic (thanks if you have stayed with me so far) but it is nearly impossible to get a good sample when the saran wrap is squished against their skin and the sample you are trying to get is liquid!!! Last time, I took the saran wrap and taped it to the inside of the diapers.  I put them on Kennedy then waiting in the middle of the night for him to push.  I knew when he was going because he would cry at that point. Once he went, I picked him up into a standing position and opened the diaper and pretty much just let it fall to the ground. That way the sample was not spread out all over his butt. It worked ok but now they don't make noise when they are pushing so I will have to be  really sneaky and really quick. Plus, they aren't just laying there anymore because they are feeling better. They have turned into pretty fantastic "army crawlers" (moving their bodies around with just their arms!) so I will have to battle against that.

Anyways, that is just a bit of me feeling sorry for myself! We will get the samples and make sure the boys don't contaminate the public!

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