Monday, March 22, 2010

9 months old! (a Daddy D blog entry)

After finishing my 3rd year of electrical school I came back to realize that there was no work left. So instead of rushing to find a new job, Corinne and I decided that staying home and enjoy the babies (while they are still babies) would be my vacation. So I'm taking this opportunity to write an informed update of the blog.

9 months already! One word explains it...!!!!wow!!!!. It seemed like only yesterday that I was holding them in the hospital both at a size no longer then my forearm. Now their torso's are bigger then the better part of my arm. I guess this thought came to mind because a few nights ago we returned to a dreaded hospital room. The first time since they were released from Grey Nuns. Kennedy began screaming so loud that it woke me up (now that's loud) in pain from diarrhea. A typical problem according to the doctors but as a new parent all I could do is watch him breathe and hope Corinne didn't see the fear in my eyes. After the blood work came back it was confirmed that the doctors were right and that I am one of those parents. You know...the kind that takes an infection and turn it into a life threatening disease (UPDATE - Click here to see the final outcome of their illness). I never understood why people reacted that way until I had children of my own. So Kennedy has his first illness and now we sit and wait for Dylan's turn.

On to more enjoyable experiences of their growth. Our boys can now sit up longer then I can count. When we can get them to stay in one place, that is. The last time I was home this much all I wanted them to do was anything other then cry or need a diaper change. Now all I want them to do is stay still!! I can 't clean or go get the other twin without one army crawling to anything their not allowed to play with. Their favorite thing is making the TV controllers nice and slobbery. I may chew on the remote but never leave it wet. Boys will be boys I guess. I would have to say their ability to move around has been the most exciting part of the month.

What other developments did we have???? Hmmm.. they can almost get as many cheerios in their mouths as they do on the floor. The stealing of the suckie is now a two way battle. I can change a cloth diaper in less then 5 minutes and each baby eats about 8oz's of formula at a time.

In closing I would like to thank my better half for all she does everyday. I've been on baby duty for two weeks and find it much harder then finding a volt drop in RLC circuit. So boys...always respect your mother because without her you would have been in cages above the sink!!!!!

Daddy D


  1. This is so funny! I am loving being able to follow the life and times of my little great-grand nephews every which way! Love you all! Auntie Esther xo

  2. Ahhhh thanks Auntie Esther! I love being able to show everyone how the boys are doing!

  3. atta boy dallas. you'll never regret being able to spend this time with your boys!

  4. Daaaaalllllllaaaaas, I am so proud of you and Corinne! It's so great to be able to read stuff like this. You guys are doing a great job raising the boys. Can't wait to see you guys and meet the boys. Sorry to hear Kennedy was ill... I hope he feels better now. Can't wait to talk... Enjoy your time off!