Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally an answer...damn you Salmonella..leave my babies alone :(

The results came back today and the boys have Salmonella. It may have come from food in the house or maybe even the lizards. The doctor has recommended that we do not treat it with antibiotics. If we were to treat it, it will make the boys feel better but it will take a really long time for the salmonella to get out of their systems which means diarrhea. The doctor feels the boys will start to get better tomorrow. There is a chance that the salmonella can get into their blood (it is not there as of now). If this happens, they will get a lot sicker (we know the signs to watch for) and we are to take them to the ER so they can be hooked up on an antibiotic iv. The doctor feels this will not happen but there is always a chance.  

So, we finally have an answer. It is nice to know that I was not overreacting. I know my boys and I know when something is not right. I just wish all the other doctors who thought I was crazy can see that as well!

Will update more if something else happens. Hopefully the boys will start to get better soon!

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