Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our poor sick babies :(

Just wanted to update everyone about what is going on with Kennedy and Dylan. They have both been really sick. Kennedy has been sick for 8 days now and Dylan for 4. They have bad diarrhea (with a lot of blood) and fevers on and off. We saw 4 different doctors over the last week and none of them found anything. We went to the walk in clinic a couple times and the the ER once. They did blood work at the ER on Kennedy and they found nothing. We finally got an appointment with a fantastic pediatrician today. I actually feel that someone is listening to me now. He ordered tests for the boys and had some of the results within an hour. They STILL found nothing, but we go back to see him tomorrow again. The stool sample results should be back tomorrow or Monday so hopefully that would shed some light. They act somewhat ok until they have "to go". They cry and scream because it hurts them so much. They have diarrhea about 12 times a is like they are newborns again. They wake every couple of hours at night to go to the washroom as well. We have been keeping them super super hydrated (feeding every 2 hours solids) so they don't have to be hospitalized because of dehydration. I am an emotional wreck. I just want my babies to be healthy again.

I will update everyone once we find out more. For now if they stop eating, get a really high fever, or become lethargic we have to take them to the ER. Other than that, we are to keep feeding them their formula and pedialite, keep their little bums clean and offer tons and tons of snuggles. Luckily, they are awesome little men and 95% of the time they are still in high spirits. 

Dallas is still home from work for now and I thank God each and every day that he is here with us through this. He knows how to calm the boys down when their hysterical mommy is making matters worse. Dylan will only fall asleep on his chest and Kennedy's eyes sparkle every time Dallas walks into the room. 

We will update you all once we find some answers. Until then, we are accepting positive thought and prayers :) 

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