Friday, January 29, 2010


Over the past couple of days the boys hit a major milestone! They are now rolling! They were rolling over from belly to back...but now they roll from back to belly! I could not believe it when Kennedy did it a few days ago! I had him on the floor on his back. I left the room and when I came back in he was on his tummy! I ran to get a pic right away! Then I put him back onto his back and sat on the couch with the camera to get a video of it. It took a while but we got it! Here is a pic of Kennedy when he first rolled over and here is a video of him.


Dylan had a huge day yesterday as well. He started to eat his feet for the first time! I know this is not a "milestone" but I think it is pretty important! I think they look so cute chewing on their feet! After the feet eating began, he also rolled over! I could not believe it!! Just one day after his brother! Here is a pic of our new little foot eater! Also, a pic of Dylans first time rolling from his back to his belly and a little video of him trying to get up on his knees when he is on his belly.



So now when the boys are playing on the floor, they roll onto their bellies and they get mad! They will start to cry for help! They had no problem rolling onto their backs when I tried to make them do tummy time for the past 5 months! Now they can not figure it out! Oh well...they will figure it out soon! 

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