Friday, January 8, 2010

6 1/2 Months! What are the boys up to?

Time is going by so extremely fast. I would love to make it stop so my babies will be babies forever. But, they have to grow up...I guess.

Dylan and Kennedy have been doing just great! We re-introduced veggies and their tummies are liking them. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think they might have some allergic reaction thing happening.

They love to play in their exersaucers and on their floor map. They are scooching all over the place. Dylan just started to scooch and now he is moving around more than Kennedy. Kennedy started a month or so ago.I will leave the room to start the dishes and when I come back, Dylan will be about 3 feet from where I put him. He also likes to turn around in 360 degree circles...silly boy! My money is on Dylan rolling over from back to belly first!

Yesterday, Kennedy started a new game. It is called "Steal My Brothers Suckie". He started to play this game when all three of us were laying down going for a nap. Kennedy was on the outside and Dylan was beside me (he always is....he gets fussy and fights sleep when he is tired). Kennedy was nice and calm and Dylan was just starting to calm down. I closed my eyes and a few minutes went by. All of a sudden Dylan started fussing again. I look over and I see Kennedy with his own suckie in his mouth and he is playing with Dylans!!! I started cracking up!! So, I took it from Kennedy and gave it back to poor Dylan who was crying his eyes out! Then, I put a blanket wall up between them so Kennedy could not steal it again. Dylan got his revenge right before bed time. I was changing them and giving them their last bottles and Dylan stole Kennedy's suckie! I told him it was only fare!

Chilling out on the floor

Dylan with frozen bread!

Kennedy with frozen bread!

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