Friday, January 22, 2010

Seven Months old!!!

I know I say this every "monthly" post but I can not believe how quickly these little guys are growing up! The past seven months have just flown by. So...what are the boys up to?

Eating ~ They drink 5 bottles a day. 6oz each bottle. Some times they finish it all and I have to make more but most of the time they leave a couple ounces in them. They also eat 3 "solids" means a day. After their first bottles, they get some fruit. After their third bottles they get a couple different veggies. After their fifth and last bottles they get some cereal. I make all of my own baby food...except the cereal! A couple times a week we also give them a Mum Mum (rice cracker) or a baby biscuit. They love them both! Here are a couple pics of the boys trying peaches. At first it looked like Kennedy liked them but he doesn't. Neither of them do. They actually prefer prunes to peaches! I told them they were crazy but they don't care.


Diapers ~ We go through about 10 to 12 diapers a day now. Sometimes more depending on what the boys have eaten (ewwww). We are getting quotes right now to switch to cloth diapers. We wanted to go the cloth diaper route before we found out we were having twins. Once we found out there was going to be two bums to change we decided against it. Everything was so overwhelming back then! Now we feel we have a better grasp on things so we are going to take the plunge! I am so excited about it! Yes it will be a bit more work...but we both feel it is well worth it. As of right now it looks like it will cost us about $300 to get started. That will last the boys up until they are potty trained. We can easily spend that amount of money on disposables in 3 months or so. So, we will be saving money and helping to keep Mother Nature happy :) It also doesn't hurt that the boys will have the cutest fluffy bums with their cloth diapers!! Dylan is going to have green and Kennedy will have blue! I will post pics for sure!

Sleeping ~ We now have two babies that sleep 11 or 12 hours per night!!! I thought this time would NEVER come. It is great! There are some nights when they are restless and I have to go in and comfort them but for the most part they sleep sooooo good. They also take 3 naps daily. About 30 to 45 minutes each. If I sleep with them for the last nap of the day they will sleep up to 3 hours! I LOVE our good little sleepers!

Playing ~ The boys LOVE their exersaucers!!! They like them even better then their bouncy chairs now. Here is a video of Dylan jumping in his!

They also still love their playmat. They are getting a little too big for it though. There has been a couple of times that Dylan has done a 180 and ended up with his feet by Kennedy's head. Kennedy was not impressed by the kicks!

We have the boys 6 month needles in a couple of weeks. I am not looking forward to that. It means guaranteed fevers :( We will make it through though!

Talk to you all soon :)

Pajama Day with the boys! We kept our PJ's on all day!

A shout out to Smithville! We miss you!


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