Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Cloth Diapering Adventure Part 1!!!!

We made the switch! I am so happy we did. Originally Dallas and I wanted to cloth diaper right from the beginning. When we found out we were having twins, cloth diapering got pushed to the back burner. Now....7 months later we decided it was time and I can not be happier! Here are some reasons why we decided to switch...

  • Mother Nature... It takes 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose!! Plus, we were taking out the garbage every single day. It made us sick to our stomachs looking at all the dirty disposables in the garbage. 
  • To save money...With a small $300 investment, we will be saving about $2000 in disposable diapers over the next couple of years. 
  • There are toxic chemicals in disposable diapers...they include toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene. It scares me to think that these chemicals are touching my babies bums! 
  • Contrary to popular belief, cloth diapering is EASY!  Yes you have another couple loads of laundry a week BUT you do not have to drive to the store to buy diapers and lug them back to the house! 
  • Less diaper rashes...with unbleached organic cotton being the only thing touching my babies skin, there are likely to be less diaper rashes.
  • Potty training earlier...cloth diapered babies are said to potty train about 12 months earlier than disposable diapered babies. It is because they are aware of the wetness. They feel it on their skin whereas disposables hold the moisture away.
  • They are very soft...and oh so cute! 

Ok...now that I got that off my chest I am going to show you what we bought to CD (cloth diaper). We decided to go with prefolds and covers. There are many options out there but this is the most cost efficient. For our covers, we went with Thirsties Duo Wraps. They will fit them up until 30lbs (when they will be potty trained). We got a bunch of cute colors! Dylan has all green and Kennedy has one blue and three orange. Here they are! 


Underneath the covers, you put the prefolds. We went with 36 unbleached organic cotton prefolds.  They are super absorbent and nice and soft. Here is a pic of the stack of them!


The other item we needed to CD was a Snappi. Snappi's are used instead of diaper pins. They are easy to use and cute too! 


There are many different ways to put the prefold in the diaper. You can just fold in and lay it inside or you can put it on your baby and secure it with a Snappi. I am still learning what fold is best for us. The only way to figure it out it trial and error! After you put the prefold on, you do up the cover and you are good to go! Here is a pic of the prefold on Kennedy with the Snappi. 


So that is it for now! I will leave you with a pic of the boys with their new "fluffy bums!"  They look happy to be in cloth don't they! 



  1. Oh, goodie! I'm not crazy! I found your blog through MultiplesandMore. I'm expecting twins at the end of April and really want to 'try' cloth diapering. You hear so many negative stories, but I want to at least try. You let me know I'm NOT crazy for thinking about this.. So many more benefits than not! So, why not, right!? I will be following to see how you are doing with this. Good Luck!

  2. Lol! No you are not crazy!! Some people think I am too! I am going to blog about how we are doing with the cloth diapers in a day or so. They are totally worth it in my opinion! I love them!