Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dylan and Kennedy are 11 months old!!

Wow! Exactly 1 year ago today, I was in the hospital trying my hardest to keep the babies cooking for as long as possible. Today would have marked my 10th day there. When I think back to that time, I get sad...really really sad. It was such a scary time for us. Being in a hospital for 6 weeks on bed rest is hard. Worrying about every little move I made...wondering if this will be the time that we have to deliver our babies when they are not ready. I know I have "post traumatic stress" over this. I will deal with it one day...not right now though...I am not ready. Here is the post about my hospital stay. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. We are so lucky and blessed that all of us came out of it with no health problems. We have 2 happy, healthy, perfect baby boys. Now they are almost a year old. Each and every day they learn new things and amaze Dallas and I.

The boys are doing so much now. They love to stand up. They try to pull themselves up on everything! It is actually a bit of a problem...we have had a few falls and lots of bumps and bruises! But they are learning. 

They have both crawled but still prefer to drag themselves around the apartment. We were so excited when Dylan actually "crawled" for the first time! Kennedy did it today for the first time too. I think once they figure out they can move way faster if they crawl, they will stop dragging themselves around! 

They no longer eat baby food..we feed them what we are eating. They love their toast in the morning! They have it with either butter or cream cheese. Kennedy eats sooooo fast! Dylan takes his time and hardly ever finishes. Both babies love water in their sippy cups! They soak themselves and have tons of fun doing it. 

The "rule" is to switch a baby to whole milk instead of formula at 1 year of age. We are waiting for their "corrected age". So, 6 weeks after they turn at the beginning of August they will be off of formula (and hopefully bottles) and they will get whole milk during the day instead. 

We are also sooooo excited that Auntie Britty will be here for the boys birthday! I haven't seen my sister since she was here last August! The boys were only 9 weeks old! She will be staying for a week or so and I can not wait! It will be so neat to see her with the boys! 

I haven't exactly started planning the boys birthday party yet..I have some ideas but nothing set in stone. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they are going to be 1...and they are going to be "toddlers" instead of "babies!!"  It is a good thing Baby K is on the way! 

Practicing standing on the couch. Dylan on the left. Kennedy on the right.

Playing with the car! Dylan sitting on the car...Kennedy in front of it! 

Happy Dylan first thing in the morning! It was 30° out for a couple of days so the boys slept in just their diapers! 

Kennedy decided diapers are for suckers! This is how I found him this morning. Look how proud he is! That is because usually I hear him open his diaper and stop him... but not this time! 

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