Friday, April 30, 2010

You have to get creative when you are by yourself with 2 10 month olds!

I am not going to is HARD without Dallas here. I try my hardest to get everything done including showering once a day. Some people may take advantage of being able to shower whenever you like. Mommas of multiples (or any babies at all) who are by themselves have to get creative about finding time to shower. I used to shower at night when the boys were sleeping but it kinda freaked me out...I would always think I heard someone come in when I was in the shower. So, I started to shower when the babies were awake. To keep them entertained, I turned to my good friend Tupperware. I don't know where I got the idea from (I think out of desperation to find something new to keep the boys entertained one day) but they LOVE their Tupperware time!  I put them in their cribs, give them a bunch of Tupperware with lids and they stay entertained for long enough for me to have a shower. Brilliant! So now there is a stash of Tupperware that stays on the boys dresser for easy access!



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