Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby K Update...Everything is starting to come together!

So I went for my ultrasound today. There is just 1 baby! Actually,
just 1 gummy bear...thats what he/she looked like! A gummy bear with a
little flickering cute! Heart rate was 174. I am exactly
right on with my calculations so I am due December 3rd. It was too
early to see where the placenta attached..we have to wait for 20
weeks. BUT....WE GOT A MIDWIFE!!!! It is so hard to get one right now!
As of April 2010 (this year) midwives are covered by health care so
they are super hard to come by! But we got one!!!! We will be
delivering au natural at the Royal Alex (where the boys were born). There is a new wing there  as well with brand new (Opening May 2010) birthing
rooms! They also have tubs right in the room so we can do a water
birth if we wanted to! We will give birth, then we are able to leave
2-4 hours later! No staying over at the hospital...I am thrilled about
this...I think I have staying overnight in hospitals for long enough!

So, we will see the midwife for all of our prenatal care (No going to
the doctors!!!) I have her cell number if something comes up and I
need to ask a question. The only bad thing is that she is 1 1/2
hours away. But, we can schedule all the appointments for when Dallas
is home.  Our first appointment is next Friday!

She also said that if there is an issue at 20 weeks with the placenta,
we will deal with it then! I am so happy this is all working out! I
will get the birth experience I have dreamed about!!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!!! ;) Yay!