Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby K Update...My Plan!

So far, Baby K has given me all the same awful symptoms that I had with the boys. Excessive morning (all day) sickness, pure exhaustion, smell aversions...the list goes on and on! We went to the doctors last week and we kinda sorta told a white lie. First let me mention that this is our family doctor. Typically he only looks after pregnant women until they are 20 weeks along. After that we have to go to an OB.  He asked if I know how far along I was and I said no....I totally know how far along I am, but I also know how to play the game. I learned A LOT from my pregnancy with the boys. I know how the system works. I paid attention and now I will use that knowledge to get answers myself...answers that I would not have gotten until I was 20 weeks along. I am not going to just sit back and rely on my doctors this time...It didn't get me very far last time. I am going to take total control of this pregnancy and not take "no" for an answer.

You see when you are pregnant here, you don't get your first ultra sound until you are 20 weeks. Unless of course if you "have no idea" when you had your last period....If you don't know this information, the only way to find out is by an ultrasound. They measure your little baby and tell you everything you need to know.  Now, I am not doing this because I want to see my itty bitty baby. I am ok with not seeing him/her. The less ultrasounds we have the better (there is conflicting evidence that tells you ultrasounds are bad for the baby...They say that when you are having an ultrasound, the baby hears very loud noises from the a freight train is coming at them....not going to get into that, but it makes you think!). The reason why I want an ultrasound asap is to make sure the previa is not back. I want to know that the placenta is attached at the top of my uterus and not at the bottom again. I have this fear that everything that happened with the boys is going to happen again. I have a plan for this baby and I have a plan for giving birth to him/her and the only way it can happen is if the placenta previa is not there.

 Now, I know this is left in God's hands. I know I can not control what happens and where the baby is positioned. But, I can educate myself and listen to my body. I can search for answers and I can hope and pray that I can have an all natural VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) that I have dreamed of. The only thing holding me back is the position of the placenta....and maybe some doctors who don't agree with my plan...but that will come later!

I have already started my journey looking for a midwife who can help me. I have emailed every single one in Alberta. So far, it is not looking too good. Some of them will not work with me because of where I live...some won't work with me because they don't do VBAC's. There is one midwife who asked me to fill out additional information. They told me to find out the location of the placenta and I will hear from them within a month. I hope and pray that they take me. We will not have the home birth that we want, but this midwife works out of the Royal Alexandra hospital...This is the hospital that I had the boys at! So if she takes us, I will give birth without drugs, without doctors, without intervention of any kind, without being strapped to a hospital bed...all natural...listening to my birth the way mother nature intended. If something does go wrong, then we are safe. We are at the hospital and we can take the steps needed for me and the baby to be safe.

Don't get me wrong...I am grateful that technology is so advanced that it was able to save myself and my baby boys. I thank God each and every day that I have my boys and that there was an answer to our situation. I just have this "need" to experience labour, birth, and bonding with my baby right after I have him/her. I don't think that is too much to ask and I am going to do every single think in my power to make this happen...even if that means telling a little white lie to our doctor :)


  1. GOOD FOR YOU, MAMA!!! I'm rooting for you! It would be such an awesome thing for you to see your plan through.


  2. I saw your blog on Multiples and More with your boys' birthday post. Happy Birthday to them!
    I had the opposite situation from you. I first had a healthy, term, singleton pregnancy and birth with a midwife and no drugs. Pretty much a dream come true. Then when my twins came along it was a 26 week birth via c-section under general anaesthetic. Worst nightmare. All I could hold onto was that at least things went the way I wanted them to with my daughter so I got to experience that kind of birth. So to you I say good for you for taking control and trying to have a VBAC and all the other good stuff that goes along with it this time around!! I'm rooting for you!