Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Sew Home Made Baby Legs!

Baby Legs are leggings  or a type of "leg warmer" made for babies.  They keep your babies legs warm while still allowing them to move freely and not be restricted by pants. They are super cute but can be a bit pricey. I have not found a physical store here in Canada that sells them (If you know of one, please let me know in the comments section!) so we would have to order them online. Dallas does not like Baby Legs. As I am writing this, he has no idea that I made my own and put them on the boys. He feels that Baby Legs are not "manly"!!! He may be right, but I still think they are super cute on baby boys and girls.

I have looked at a lot of websites on different ways to make your own. This is by far the easiest! I will give you a little walk through...

1 Pair of long Womens dress socks

Here is the package of socks I bought. You can get so many different colors and designs. I picked "manly" colors. They were on sale for $2.95 for a 3 pack.

Here is a pair of the socks.

All you have to do it cut off the toe! 

Turn the sock upside down to put on the baby so that the cut off part is on their thighs. The only problem with making them this way is the "heel" of the sock. It tends to stick out so I just fold it under. You can't even tell it is there! 

That is it! They are cheap and super cute! I am not sure how washing them will go. They will probably fall apart. I will update the blog once I know! I won't be washing them unless they get super dirty so even if they do fall apart, I still feel it is money well spent! 



  1. Came over from M & M- your twins are adorable!!!!! And what a fabulous way to make Baby Legs- too cute!