Monday, February 22, 2010

8 months old!

Seriously... I need time to stop for a bit. They are growing up so fast!!! I love how they are learning new things and thriving but I am not ready!!! Don't they understand!! Of course I am just joking but really!!

Eating - They still get their bottles every three hours or so and they get three "solids" meals a day. We have also added Cheerios! They LOVE  them! It is so cute to see them pick up the Cheerios with their little hands! They concentrate so hard! We have also started to give them a bit of food that we eat. Mostly veggies and potatoes. We haven't introduced meats yet. I am still waiting on that one.

Sleeping - Yay! They are back to sleeping 11 hours again! There was a few weeks when they would sleep for 9 or 10 hours...getting up at 5am was not a good thing! So, I added another meal into the day and pushed their bed time up to 9pm and it seems to be working for now. They sleep from 9pm to about 8am. Also, they have three naps during the day. The first one is 45 minutes. The second one about 2 hours and the third one 1 1/2 hours. If they do not sleep for long enough during the day, they have a horrible night. My babies need their sleep and I am ok with that! If we do something that messes up with their schedule, they are totally thrown off and do not sleep well. They fuss and wake up during the night and the vicious over tired cycle starts. So, we do everything in our power to keep them on schedule and watch for "tired queues".

Diapering - I am happy to say that the cloth diapering is going great! I love it and I think the boys do too!

Playing - They still love their exersaucers. They also love to play with toys on the floor while rolling everywhere! Here is a video of what I mean...

They have also started to make strange with people. It was first Dylan but now Kennedy does it too. If someone they don't know tried to talk to them they FREAK out. After a while they are good to go but at first they are not happy campers!!
More pics!

Hanging out in their cloth dipes and baby legs!

Watching the Olympics with Daddy D! Go Canada Go!!

Hanging out in their Exersaucers!

Love Dylan's new facial expressions!

Hanging out with Melman!

Just a regular night at our house!

Baby-wearing daddy!

Love my boys!

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