Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer VS Hockey mom?

Yes...I am making this decision all about me. I would personally rather be a hockey mom. The one and only reason is because I don't like the heat. I would rather be in an arena then out in the sun on a soccer field. Now, Dallas wants the boys to play chess and checkers. That way, we don't have expensive equipment to buy lol! I think he would rather they play soccer then hockey though...especially with the fact that Kennedy seems to have good goalie capabilities. Goalie equipment is expensive! Dallas is a goalie so I think it makes sense that one of the boys would have the same love for that position (in hockey that is).  Here are a few pics of the boys playing around. The first one is of Kennedy playing goalie. We need to get these boys some sticks before they get used to using their feet to kick the ball!

In all honesty though, the boys will pick what sport they want to be included in when they get older. For our sake, I hope they both agree on the same one!

Oh...Kennedy in blue diaper and Dylan in green :)

Here is a little video too! 

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