Saturday, October 2, 2010

First cold in 15 months!

Thats read the title correctly. The boys have NEVER had a cold. Salmonella,  yes, but never a cold. I have always dreaded the day. Two babies up all night not being able to breath is not fun...oh...and add on the fact that I was here by myself AND I am pregnant. Honestly, it was the hardest 6 days of my life. The boys would cry all day and all night. You could tell they were frustrated that they couldn't breathe. Kennedy even resorted to hitting his poor little nose over and over again. It made me cry. Actually, most of the time I was crying along with them. It was so bad that our neighbour from downstairs came up and brought stuffed animals for the boys. He could hear their crying 24/7 and he felt so bad for me and them. BUT, we made it through. It actually  made me realize how blessed we are that we have 2 happy, healthy babies at home. It made the next week seem like a breeze! Even though my expanding belly is making simple things hard to do, it is nothing compared to having 2 super sick toddlers. Here is a pic of my sicko babies in our bed having a nap. I love them so much!

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