Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picked a name for Baby K!!!

It took us soooo long to pick a name for our little girl! We kept going back and forth...back and forth! So, we finally decided on Emma Jane! When naming the twins, we included my dad and Dallas' dad and mom in the naming process. Click here to read about how we named them.... The only person left out was my mom. So, I knew I wanted to include my moms name. That is where Jane comes from. Also, it turns out that Emma is my grandmas (my moms mother) great grandmas name too. So it was nice to find that out! What  were the other names we were looking at? Here is the list! This is our "short" list taken from a list of about 20 or so names. Emma was the ONLY name that I could comfortably say while talking to her in my belly lol!

Lorelei Jane
Willow Jane
Gracie Jane
Autumn Jane
Lily Jane
Emma Jane

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