Thursday, February 10, 2011


We took all 3 babies to get vaccinated last night. It went pretty good. It took about 2 1/2 hours for them to get everything done. While we were waiting Dallas, Emma and I were sitting on a couple chairs (I was wearing Emma in the Moby) and the boys were leaning against a coffee table.Dylan was trying so hard to climb up onto the table but he couldn't quite reach. Big brother Kennedy grabbed Dylan's bum and gave him a boost so he could get up! Then Kennedy joined him of course! I swear to you...these boys are giving me grey hairs already!

Emma 2 month stats...
Weight  13lbs 11oz
Height  23"

Kennedy 19 month stats...
Weight 28lbs 4oz
Height 32 1/4"

Dylan 19 month stats...
Weight 27lbs 12oz
Height 32 1/4"

Here is a recent pic of all 3 of our beautiful babies!

Here is a pic of Emma in the Moby...a Moby is a cloth wrap that you  use to wear your baby. I use the Moby daily with Emma. When she is fussy or when I need my 2 hands I put her in the Moby and she usually falls asleep instantly. We also use it when we go out. Emma doesn't have an infant car seat...she has a 3in1 that stays in the car so I wear her in the Moby. I LOVE it...and I wish I had one when the boys were little. You can actually put 2 babies in it. I have used the Moby with Dylan the other day. Its good for up to 35lbs!


  1. I really like this pic of you and emma.

  2. Hi it's mrsdchastain from wte! Your family is adorable! I have a little girl too she just turned 3 months old. :)