Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our first stomach flu :(

We have been so lucky with the boys getting sick. They have only ever had 1 cold. We had the whole Salmonella experience but other then that, and a few odd fevers, they have been pretty healthy. Until this night. Kennedy started with the stomach flu first. I will spare you all the details, but it was the saddest thing. He was so scared right before he got sick. It broke my heart. Dylan started the next day. It lasted about 3 days total and we all got zero sleep. Emma was such a trooper through it all. She was OK sleeping in her basinette so Momma could take care of the boys. I did capture a few pics through it. Here is one pic of the boys cuddling with Daddy D. There are also a couple bath pics. I made the boys homemade Gatorade Popsicle's and let them eat them in the bath. They weren't too crazy about them...they don't like eating cold things. I know its inevitable that they will get sick like this again..I just hope its not for a long, long time. Oh...and Emma and I didn't catch it! I think Emma was safe because she is still exclusively nursing, and I took Coconut Oil and Organic Manuka honey when I felt it coming on, and I didn't actually get sick. Amazing!

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