Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2010 with a newborn has begun. Emma is such a good baby. She nurses like a pro and has been exclusively breastfed since the day she came into the world. She is a happy baby. Only crying or fussing when she is hungry or tired. She is such a blessing.

December came and went and my head is still spinning from it all (I'm writing this in February BTW). We had Emma at home, Dallas away at work, and (thank God) my mother-in-law here to help me out. It took the boys a couple weeks to get used to sharing their momma with another baby but I am happy to report that both Kennedy and Dylan show love to little sister every day. They are constantly bringing her blankets and toys and they give her kisses and lovings all the time.

Here is my absolute favourite picture of miss Emma. She is 2 weeks old here.

Here are Kennedy and Dylan colouring pictures! Dylan sucked all the blue ink out of that marker..thank goodness they are non-toxic! Kennedy on the left and Dylan on the right.

Grandmama (my mother in law) giving Emma some lovings.

The boys looking at little sister.

My morning view...Emma snuggled away sleeping peacefully in the Moby.

Nothing sweeter then a baby wearing daddy!
***and he was actually putting laundry away while he was wearing her. He is such a good dad!
****love  him 

Mr. Kennedy Kyle.

My darling Dylan.

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