Saturday, July 3, 2010

Epic Fail ~ Taking the boys to the park for the first time!

It has been 12 months and we figured it was time to take the boys to the park for the first time. I thought they would LOVE the swings! Boy was I wrong! We got to the park and put both babies in the baby swing. They fit in perfectly! I was so excited to see the smiles on their faces. I was facing Dylan and Dallas was facing Kennedy. I grabbed the swing..pulled it back and let go! Dylan started laughing right away! He was having the time of his life! Then Dallas told me to stop it...quickly! Kennedy was shaking like a leaf! Poor baby! I guess I swung them way too high! So we took Kennedy out and Dallas calmed him down while I pushed Dylan. Kennedy was so freaked out. Next we tried Dallas swinging with Kennedy. That didn't work. He was still upset. Then we tried to put Kennedy on the grass to play...that didn't work either. He HATES the grass! So we brought them over to the see-saw. He was kinda ok with that but he was still pretty miserable. So we decided to pack it up...after letting Dylan have some fun on the swings of course. On the way back to the car, Dylan had the biggest freak out ever! Apparently he didn't want to leave the park! What little monkeys!!

Here are some pics from our biggest fail yet!

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  1. Saw the Boys on the swings looking as if they are having fun.The faces say one thing,The Parents tell the true Story.Love Grandmama