Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dylan and Kennedy's First Birthday Party!!

We had such a great time at the boys first birthday party! I have tons of pics documenting the day. We decorated the house with tons of fun decorations for the boys. We hung things outside to decorate the deck and we had tons of balloons in the house. Here is a pic of the boys high chairs!

Because the boys are identical, I wanted them to wear something to identify who was who. That way people knew which baby they were hanging out with even if Dallas and I were not there. I was going to get birthday shirts made with their names on them but instead we bought "Birthday Boy" ribbons and I added the first letter of their names on them. I pinned them on the boys backs so they wouldn't be tempted to play with them. I though after a while they would notice it on the back of their brother but they didn't! They worked like a charm! Here is a pic of the ribbons and a pic of the ribbons in action!

The cake...*sigh*.  The only positive thing I can say about the cake is that it tasted good and the boys liked it. The idea of what the cake was supposed to look like was cute, but it turned out nothing like the picture. It looked like they rushed through the icing leaving it a sloppy mess. Also, they forgot the "&" in between Kennedy & Dylan. So it read "Happy 1st Birthday Kennedy Dylan" if "Kennedy Dylan" was 1 person.  We spent more money on this cake then we wanted to because it was the boys first birthday so I was super disappointed. Next year I will be making their cake! Anyways...that is enough of my birthday cake rant!!! Here is a pic of the cake and a video of the boys eating it up! I gave them HUGE pieces because I honestly thought they would play with it and throw it on the floor...I should have guessed they would eat it all! They are growing boys after all :)

** this time Dylan had enough birthday. Both babies had reactions to the sunscreen that I used on them. They both got rashes covering their right eyes. Kennedy got it a bit earlier so his was almost cleared up at cake time. Poor Dylan would eat a handful of cake then cry :(

After cake time the boys had a much needed bath..then it was time for presents! They did really good with unwrapping them. Of course they got distracted but it was tons of fun! Here are the present pics!

I will leave you with the link to my Facebook album that has tons more pics of the boys special day!  Click here to see it! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this day so memorable. Also a big huge thank you to our family back home who sent the boys birthday gifts filled with love!

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