Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Cloth Diapering Adventure Part 3!!!!

It has been quite a while since I updated about our cloth diapering experience! Things are still going good. We still use our prefolds and covers. Because it is so hot out, I have stopped using the fleece liners that I made. I actually started to use biodegradable flushable liners! It has totally saved me! Because the boys are getting older and eating more real food their dirty diapers are such a mess! The fact that I am 17 weeks pregnant doesn't help either.  So, now I use these liners and they catch most of the "mess". After  I change them, I just flush the liners away! For the liners that only get "wet", I rewash them and I can use them again! The brand I chose was Imse Vimse flushable liners. I'm not gonna first I wasn't a fan of them. They seemed way too soft to be able to  wash and reuse..but I tried it and it worked! Now I am sold!

Another issue that has come up is the fact that the boys LOVE to remove their covers. With summer here, I can't be bothered to dress the boys in shorts when we are at home. I was going to get the aplix (kinda like velcro) switched to snaps on them but that would mean I would have to send them away. A friend of mine had a picture of her son with his cloth diapers on and with undies over them! Again...I was sold!!! If it stops the boys from taking their diapers off, I will try anything! So, the first chance we got, we went out and bought them the cutest little undies to go over their diaper covers! The boys don't bother trying to take them off anymore and they are super cute. Here are some pics!

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