Monday, July 18, 2011

It's these moments...

Kennedy is in an awful mood this morning. Crying, temper tantrums, wanting this and that but nothing is making him happy. We were all playing on the floor (Kennedy, Dylan, Emma and I) and Kennedy got up, grabbed his blankie, found a hidden suckie (they only get them at bed time now) and went to the couch to be by himself. He was there for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden Dylan went over to sit with him. Dylan sat down right beside him and said in a little voice "hi". He then gave Kennedy his sippy of milk. Kennedy gave it back and went to the other side of the couch. Dylan followed, sitting right beside him again. They both has some kind of a conversation that only the 2 of them can understand, but Kennedy started to get in a better mood after they spoke. It's times like these that I feel truly blessed to be a mom of identical twins. I will never fully understand just how strong their bond is but I love to see the proof of it each and every day.

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